18th & 19th CENTURIES - PART 2

A Sample of the Muster Rolls for Whitby ships
transcribed by Yvonne Leck

ADVENTURE Dec 1781 - 1785  
Owner Lawson Fleck.

J.	MELLONBY	Master		Whitby
John	NEFS		Mate		Whitby
James	FLECK		2nd Mate	Redcar
James	MARSHALL	Servant		Redcar
Thomas	HEMMINGS	Servant		Bristol
James	LACKEY		Servant		Dundee
Josh	JOHNSON	        Servant		Redcar
John	BROWN		Seaman		Staithes
Thomas	RICHARDSON	Seaman		Ayton
Thomas	MELLONBY	Master
Thomas	BLADES		Mate
Thomas	BROWN		Carpenter
3 seamen, names unknown.
J	MELLONBY	Master		Staithes
Thomas	SIMPSON		Mate		Stockton
Ch	HAWSON		Carpenter
5 men names unknown


BRITANNIA  1788 - 9

Benjamin   GOWLAND	Master	
Stephenson ELLERBY	Mate	
Henry	   COLBURN 	2nd Mate	
William	   BONAS	Carpenter	
Mich	   HEDLEY	Cook
John	   HERVEY	Seaman
Timothy    FOSTER	Seaman
Nath	   CROW		Seaman
Richard	   SMITH	Seaman
John	   BERRY	Seaman
Henry	   COLBURN 	Mate
William	   BONAS	Carpenter
Mich	   HEDLEY	Cook
William	   PEARSON 	2nd Mate
Nath	   CROW		Seaman
Thomas	   CARLING	Seaman
Harsing	   E??OTT	Seaman
John	   HERVEY	Seaman
Lawrence   JOHNSON	Seaman
Isaac	   SPENCER	Apprentice
Robert	   USHERWOOD	Apprentice
Thomas	   BRU????	Apprentice
Isaac	   WOOD		Apprentice
Thomas	   ROBINSON	Apprentice
Henry	   SPENCE	Apprentice
Thomas	   WILLSON	Apprentice



William	BENSON		Master
Jn	BROWN		Mate
James	HARRISON	Carpenter
Thomas	DOUTHARD	Seaman
William	DORLTON	        Seaman
Jn	HUDSON		Seaman
William	YOUNG		Seaman
Jn	?PECHT		Seaman
Fran	WILSON		Seaman
Joshwy	BILL		Seaman
Jn	CALVERT		Seaman
Jonathn	FORTNEY	        Carpenter


FRIENDSHIP  Nov 1782 - 21st Aug 1783.  
Ship sailing between Portsmouth, Whitby, London.  
Owner William Swales

John	BROWN		Master
John	CADY		Mate
William	TALLOT		2nd Mate
John	NODDINGS	Carpenter
Francis	NEAGLER		Cook
Simon	DAGGIT		Seaman
Robert	WATSON		Seaman
James	BOWE		Seaman
Zach	ROGERS		Seaman
John	? HAMP		Seaman
Thomas	? HAMP		Seaman
John	MORRISON	Seaman
John	MILLER		Seaman
John	CAHISLE		Seaman
Dennis	MAHONY		Seaman
Dan	McKARTY	        Seaman
James	FOWLER		Seaman
Mich	DEOREUX	        Seaman
Arthur	TALL		Seaman
?	KNAGGS		Mate
James	McKAY		2nd Mate
William	KANE		Cook
Thomas	DOUGLAS	        Seaman
John	LISK		Seaman
Thomas	ROBSON		Seaman
Charles	GARRET		Seaman
William	MOWET		Servant
John	GARRET		Servant
William	KNARESTON	Servant
Charles	YOUNG		Servant
Law.	KING		Servant


Thomas Lotherington owner.  1774

Robert  HODGSON         Master 
Frab    LANE       	Mate
Thomas 	ATKINSON	Carpenter
Gi      WILSON  	Cook
James   PORTER  	Seaman
Robert  THOMPSON        Seaman
James   PROCKTER        Seaman
Andrew  DONKIN  	Carpenter
John    TAYLER  	Cook
Dan     BEWS    	Seaman
Thomas  PAXTON  	Seaman
James   BROWN    	Seaman
Ge.     KNAGGS  	Carpenter
William JONES      	Cook
Thomas  HOLT    	Seaman
Thomas  TAYLOR  	Seaman
James   DONKIN  	Seaman
Fran    WELFORD  	Servant
Jn      WELFORD 	Servant
Jn      THOMPSON        Servant
Thomas  CARTER   	Servant
William LACKE   	Servant
James   BROWN   	Servant
Gi      MIDDLETON       Servant
Barth'w ? TAWOM		Servant


LYDE  1789

Robert	BR?ICH		Master
William	STONEHOUSE	2nd Mate
Richard	ALLMAN		Cook
Charles	SMITH		Seaman
Francis	BEVERLEY	Seaman
Thomas	EDWARDS	Seaman
William	PORTER		Seaman
Francis	LEEK		Seaman
John	RUDOCK		Seaman
William	CARLING		Seaman
James	DENNIS		Seaman
Dennis	ALLAND		Seaman
John	CLACKSON	Carpenter



John	ROSDALE		Master
Robert	DUNN		Mate
William	COLE		Carpenter
George	GARBUTT		Cook
William	PATTISON	2nd Mate
James	GREGGS		Seaman
John	SWANN		Seaman
Jon.	SMITH		Seaman
Fran	COBB		Seaman
Robert	HALL		Servant
John	CHESHIRE	Servant
Thomas	WALKER		Servant
Edward	BELL		Servant
William	FRANKLAND	Servant
James	GREGS		Seaman
William	PATTISON	2nd Mate
Peter	LEE		Seaman
Thomas	CANE		Seaman
William	HORN		Seaman
Thomas	HUNTER		Seaman
William	PATTISON	2nd Mate
Peter	LEE		Seaman
Thomas	CANE		Seaman
Thomas	HUNTER		Seaman


RODNEY  1790

John	BOWES		Master
John	MORROW	        Mate
George	ESTILL		Carpenter
George	HIRD		Cook
Oliver	ANDERSON	Servant
Thomas	SANDERSON	Servant
Henry	NUNNS		Servant
John	STOWE		Servant
Magnus	HUGH		Seaman
James	GIBSON		Seaman
Francis	FRENCH		Seaman
William	CARR		Seaman
Thomas	WELLBANK	Seaman
Thomas	WALKER		Seaman
Thomas	THOMPSON	Seaman
George	GRAY		Seaman
Thomas	DENNIS		Seaman
Charles	TUCKER		Seaman
Robert	NICHOLSON	Seaman
Thomas	CARLING		Seaman
Thomas	BILSBERRY	Seaman
John	BOWES		Master
John	GALES		Mate
George	ESTILL		Carpenter
Peter	KEY		Cook
Thomas	SANDERSON	Servant
Oliver	ANDERSON	Servant
John	STOWE		Servant
Henry	NUNNS		Servant
Thomas	BULSBY		Seaman
James	DYAS		Seaman
George	TURNER		Seaman
Thomas	BROWN		Seaman
Thomas	HOWE		Seaman
John	ROBINSON	Seaman
Thomas	HESLOP		Seaman
George	TURNER		Seaman
John	DAY		Seaman
Nath.	?FARMER		Seaman
Thomas	ROBINSON	Seaman
Thomas	HESLOP		Seaman
George	TURNER		Seaman
John	DAY		Seaman
Abraham	JAMES		Seaman
Thomas	ROBINSON	Seaman
Thomas	HESLOP		Seaman


ACTIVE October 1790 - 1791
Owner Robert Anderson

Robert ANDERSON	        Master
George COLLEY	        Mate
Roger  STORR 	        Seaman
Chas   EDWARDS  	Seaman



Whitby to London 25th July 1780 depart Whitby, discharged London 11th 
December 1781.  Owner Lawson Fleck.

Lawson 	FLECK		Master		Redcar
Thomas 	GALILEE		Mate		Whitby
George 	BARWICK	        2nd Mate	Whitby
John 	LAWSON		Carpenter	London
J. 	JOHNSON	        Servant		Redcar
James 	FLECK		Servant		Redcar
John 	BROWN		Servant		Staithes



John	 SEATON		Master
Thomas	 ADAMSON 	Mate
James	 HARRISON	2nd Mate
Robert	 TINDALE	Carpenter
John	 BUTCHER	Cook
John	 DACKINSON	Seaman
Nich	 HART		Seaman
Lawrance CARVER		Seaman
William	 SIMPSON	Seaman
Thomas	 BROWN		Seaman
?	 STRANGE	Seaman
Thomas	 SMITH		Seaman
W.	 GULVIN		Seaman
Andrew	 SCOT		Seaman
Andrew	 GROCER		Seaman
John	 LECK		Seaman
John 	 JEFFERIES	Seaman


JOHN & MARY 1788

Owner John Granger

John	 GRANGER 	Master 	abode Robin Hoods Town
Robert   MOORSOM 	Mate
Robert	 MOORSOM 	Servant


SUCCESS  Jan 1788 - Jan 1790
Mr. Peter Brown Owner

Peter	BROWN		Master
?	JOHNSON	        Mate
James	BROWN		Seaman
James	?		Seaman

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