BYGONE WHITBY - the haven under the hill - Colin Waters - published by Anderson Publications 1988

Many 1920s, 30s & later photos and a few earlier. Brief narratives about Whitby, including some of the people.

SCENES FROM THE PAST - Abbey Press (Whitby) - 1986

Photos of Whitby by Sutcliffe & others with brief descriptions of places & people.

WHITBY YARDS - John Gaskin & Cordelia Stamp - Cordelia Stamp - 1990

Excellent Directory of Whitby Yards 1837, 1899, 1934 listing the properties their houeholders, occupations of occupiers (1899), owners (1837 & 1934), Rateable Value (1934).

WHITBY INNS & YARDS - Edward Perry - Edward Perry - 1988

A list of Whitby Yards & Inns with earliest dates they are recorded. No individual people listed.

PRINTS OF OLD WHITBY - A.F.Humble/W.Leng - Whitby Literary & Philosophical Society 1972

Reprints of many 19th century and earlier prints and paintings of Whitby.

THE WHITBY GHOST BOOK - Paul McDermott - Anderson - 1987

Legends & superstitions about Whitby. Some old, some from the 20th century.

A PLAN OF WHITBY YARDS - Harvey Map Services

1:1250 plan of Whitby showing the positions of all yards. Useful in conjunction with Whitby Yards & Whitby Inns & Yards listed above.

WHITBY LORE & LEGEND - Shaw Jeffrey - 1923 (Reprint by Caedmon Press of Whitby 1985)

History of Whitby with short biographies of some of the well known people with Whitby associations & some genealogical information.

FISHING OUT OF WHITBY - John Tindale - Dalesman 1987

Excellent history of fishing out of Whitby with photos.of & stories about fishermen from the town.

THE STORY OF THE WHITBY LIFEBOATS - Jeff Morris - RNLI/Lifeboat Enthusiasts Society

Excellent history of the Whitby Lifeboats with many illustrations of the boats and names of many lifeboatmen.

THE STREETS OF WHITBY AND THEIR ASSOCIATIONS - Hugh P Kendall - Whitby Literary & Philosophical Society - 1938 (reprinted 1976)

The history of most of the main Whitby streets as at 1938, with some information about better known individuals & businesses.

A YORKSHIRE TOWN - The Probate Inventories of Whitby 1700 - 1800 - Noreen Vickers - K.A.F.Brewin Books - 1986

The inventories of 102 Whitby people in the period concerned. No genealogical information but full details of year, name, occupation, goods & chattels included in the inventory. Some refer to debts etc to other Whitby people.

THE WHITBY CATHOLICS 640 - 1957 - Rev David Quinlan - The Catholic Printing Co. 1945 (updated in 1957)

A history of catholicism in Whitby and the founding & growth of St.Hilda's Church, Whitby. Details of some individuals with church connections.

THE ONE-AND-SIXPENNY CHURCH - Father David Quinlan - The Catholic Printing Co. (reprinted from the Whitby Gazette)

A short account of the catholics of Egton & the founding of St.Hedda's, Egton Bridge.

NICHOLAS POSTGATE - Rev David Quinlan - The Catholic Printing Co.- 1961

A little book about the life & death of this Catholic Priest.

IN THE STEPS OF FATHER POSTGATE - Father John Mulholland - The Postgate Society - 1982

The story of Nicholas Postgate and catholicism in and around Ugthorpe area.

THE HISTORY OF GOATHLAND - Alice Hollings - North York Moors National Park 1971 (reprinted 1990)

The history of the village and surrounding area (For UK residents the setting for the TV series Heartbeat) - with many pictures of the area and some of the past residents.

A HISTORY OF THE VALE OF GOATHLAND - F.W.Peirson - Bill Peirson 1985

Good little book on the history of the village includes the 1845 Tithe Award giving names of farms and probable owners; also a time line of the history of the village. And items on various aspects of village life.

PADDY WADDELL'S RAILWAY - R.F.Moore - North York Moors National Park 1986 (updated version of the original published by Whitby Literary & Philosophical Society in 1973)

The history of the construction of the Cleveland Extension Mineral Railway.

OWLERS, HOVERERS & REVENUE MEN - John Tindale - John Tindale 1986

A history of smuggling, the press gang & the excise officers of Whitby.

STORM & COMPANY - Alan Storm - Caedmon Press of Whitby 1993

The history of this prolific Robin Hood's Bay family of mariners & various related families mainly from Whitby, the Bay and surrounding areas.

YORKSHIRE'S WHALING DAYS - Jack Dykes - Dalesman 1980

A history of whaling out of Yorkshire ports including Whitby & Hull.

JET JEWELLERY & ORNAMENTS - Helen Muller - Shire Album 52 - 1980

Not specifically about Whitby but most of the illustrations are of Whitby jet and much of the history is of Whitby & Scarbrough.

F.M.SUTCLIFFE: A SELECTION OF HIS PHOTOGRAPHS - Bill Eglon-Shaw - Sutcliffe Gallery 1974

Excellent selection of Sutcliffe photos of Whitby & surroundings including narrative about some of the people in the photos.

F.M.SUTCLIFFE: A THIRD SELECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS - Michael Shaw - Sutcliffe Gallery 1990

Similar to the above but a different set of photos.

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