18th & 19th CENTURIES

A Sample of the Muster Rolls for the Whitby ship 'Volunteer' 1771 - 1815
transcribed by Yvonne Leck

Sailing between Whitby, London and Shields in the year 1771,
Owner Moorsom.

Scarth 		STOCKTON		Master
William 	FRANKLAND		Mate
Jonathon 	FERNLEY 		Carpenter
George 		PEARSON	        	Servant
John 		ARCHBOLD		Servant
Robert 		COOPET			Servant
Henry 		STEVENSON		Servant
William 	CHAPMAN		        Servant
William 	GARFIT		 	Seaman
Joseph 		?VINCENT		Seaman
? 		?NEWTON 		Seaman
Thomas 		TILLWORTH		Seaman
John 		PITTIL			Seaman
John 		FRANCES			Seaman
Robert 		TREASON		        Seaman
John 		PRICE			Seaman
Patrick 	ROBINSON		Carpenter
Thomas 		BUDGE			Seaman
James 		SMITH			Seaman
George 		FARROW			Seaman
Timothy 	WILLIAMSON		Mate
Johnathon 	FARNLEY 		Carpenter
Joseph 		GRIFFITH		Seaman
Fran 		SCRAFTON		Seaman
Charles 	HORNSBY		        Seaman
Samuel 		TRU?			Seaman
Thomas 		JACKSON		        Seaman
Jooseph 	McCOWRAN		Seaman
John 		HUDSON			Seaman
Joseph 		HASK			Seaman
Thomas 		LECK			Seaman
John 		CARMARSHALL		Seaman

Whitby England to Greenland 1772 ship ‘VOLUNTEER’
Owner Richard Moorsom

Mar 1772 - Aug 1772 ‘Volunteer’ Crew List

William         COULSON		        Whitby
Matthew         SMITH			Mate		        Whitby
Jermih          BOYNES			2nd Mate	        Whitby
William         KID			Surgen		        Whitby
Jno             BROWN		        Spectner		Whitby
Jacob           GRIME			Hariner		        Whitby
Richard         GRICE			Hariner		        Whitby
Thomas          ROBSON			Hariner		        Whitby
William         COATES			Carpenter		Whitby
Jonathan        FERNDILL		2nd Carpenter	        Whitby
Thomas          WEBSTER 		Boatsteer		Staithes
Thos            WILSON			Boatsteer		Robin Hoods Bay
William         COLINS			Boatsteer		Robin Hoods Bay
Joseph          PAXTON			Boatsteer		Whitby
James           GLAD			Boatsteer		Whitby
Bethil          RIGHT			Boatsteer		Whitby
Jos             FIDLER			Line Manager	        Sleights
Jno             CURBES			Line Manager	        Sunderland
Thos            MORLEY			Line Manager	        Whitby
Jno             SCOTT		        Line Manager	        Whitby
Geo             RICHARDSON  	        Line Manager	        Whitby
Jno             ASBIT			Line Manager	        Whitby
William         RAW			Cooper		        Whitby
Saml            GAMBELS 		Cook	          	Whitby
Will            ROWENTREE  		2nd Cook		Whitby
Thos            OGLE			Seaman		        Whitby
Armstrong       WATSON		        Seaman		        Whitby
Danil           GUNN			Seaman		        Whitby
Robert          DALE			Seaman		        Dundee
Robt            ELLIOTH			Seaman		        Whitby
Thos            POTS			Seaman		        Whitby
Hugh            DRIDON			Seaman		        Whitby
Alexr           STEWARD 		Seaman		        Whitby
Frans           BOVEL			Seaman		        Whitby
Robt            COOPER			Servent		        Whitby
Wm              CHAPMAN	                Servent		        Whitby
Wm              BERRY		        Servent		        Whitby
Robert          GREGGS			Servent		        Whitby
Henry           STEPHENSON	        Servent		        Whitby
Edmon           TAYLER			Servent		        Whitby

Transcribed from a copy of the muster roll of the ship 'Volunteer' owner
Richard Moorsom.  A whaling ship sailing March 25th 1789 - August 15th
1789, boarding and discharging Whitby.

James	        BOYES		        Master
John	        BEDLINGTON	        Mate
James	        WEAR		        Surgeon
John	        BROWN		        Spectitioner
Robert	        ROBINSON	        Carpenter
Samuel	        ALSEY		        Harpooner
Will	        JOHNSON 	        Harpooner
Thomas	        TULLICK		        2nd Mate
Thomas	        REDPATH		        Boatsteerer
John	        ROBINSON	        Boatsteerer
Thomas	        SMITH		        Boatsteerer
Thomas	        HUTCHINSON	        Boatsteerer
John	        McLEAN		        Boatsteerer
D.	        MITCHELL	        Boatsteerer
Robert     	CALVERT		        Linemanager
Thomas    	LINKLATER	        Linemanager
?	        BOANSON 	        Linemanager
James    	LAWSON		        Linemanager
John	        BILLINGS	        Linemanager
George    	LITTLEFAIR	        Linemanager
James	        HUNTER		        Seaman
William	        SANDERSON	        Seaman
John 	        HARPER		        Seaman
John	        MILLAR		        Seaman
Richard	        ADAMSON	                Seaman
William	        DALE		        Seaman
Moses	        BELL		        Seaman
Thomas	        CHAMBERS	        Seaman
John	        WALLER		        Seaman
John	        GARRISON	        Seaman
Matthew	        COATES		        Seaman
Thomas	        CLAYTON 	        Seaman
John	        BOWES		        Seaman
James	        JAKES		        Seaman
Thomas	        CORNER		        Servant
Cuthbt	        JACKSON	                Servant
Robert	        LECK		        Servant
Isaac 	        ATKINSON	        Servant
Richard 	CALVERT		        Servant
Joseph	        BATTERSBY	        Servant
Thomas	        MEDD		        Servant

Depart Whitby 10th March 1792, returned Whitby Aug 4th 1792.  Richard
Moorsom Esq, owner.

John 		BEDLINGTON	        Master
James 		MOATE		        Mate
James 		WEAR		        Surgeon
John 		PINDER		        2nd Mate
Robert 		ROBINSON	        Carpenter
Robert 		WHARD		        Carpenters mate
Percival 	EGLESTONE 	        Harpooner
Robert 		PINKNEY		        Harpooner
Thomas 		REDPATH		        Harpooner
John 		ROBINSON	        Harpooner
William 	HARRISON	        Harpooner
George 		WRIGHT		        Boatsteerer
John 		OSBURN		        Boatsteerer
William 	LEWIS		        Boatsteerer
Michael 	PASQUIL		        Boatsteerer
Fra 		HINLUE		        Boatsteerer
James 		LASKLEY		        Linemanager
Rubin 		MARSHALL	        Linemanager
William 	BRAND		        Linemanager
Thomas 		TINDLE		        Linemanager
Richard 	DIXON		        Linemanager
John 		HARPER		        Linemanager
M. 		BELL 		        Cook
John 		PEARSON	                Cooks mate
John 		STOREY		        Seaman
William 	COLLIER		        Seaman
Robert 		LUCKLEY 	        Seaman
William 	MARSHALL	        Seaman
William 	REYNOLDS	        Seaman
John 		DA?TRY		        Seaman
Edward 		COOK		        Seaman
Chris 		GRANGER 	        Seaman
Thomas 		GOOD		        Seaman
William 	MOOR		        Seaman
J. 		BATTERSBY	        Seaman
Robert 		LECK		        Seaman
S. 		CHARLTON	        Seaman
William 	CALVERT		        Seaman
Matthew 	MOOR / MOON	        Seaman
John 		MILLAR		        Seaman
Henry 		BATTERSBY	        Seaman

Muster roll of the Volunteer, Whitby to Memel, Lithuania year 1800.

John 		BEDLINGTON 	        Master
Richard 	TRUEMAN 	        Mate
William 	NUNN 		        2nd Mate
Thomas 		?		        Carpenter
John 		CHAMBERS 	        Carpenter
John 		HALL 		        Seaman
William 	ABBOTT 		        ?
Richard 	FOSTER 		        ?
Oliver 		SMITH 		        Apprentice
John 		AMOS 		        Apprentice
William 	AGAR 		        Apprentice
James 		RICHARDSON 	        Apprentice
Simon 		LECK 		        Apprentice
Robert 		H? 		        Apprentice

Whitby England to Greenland 1815 March 23rd - August 18th,
all entered Whitby and all discharged at Whitby.

DAWSON		John		         Master		        Whitby
TRIGGE		Saml		         Surgeon		Paisley
NEW ???	  	Josep		         Mate		        Scarbrough
HARDY	 	John		         Harpooner		Whitby
HAWKSFIELD  	Wm		         Harpooner		Whitby
GREENWOOD 	John		         Harpooner		Whitby
PAGE		Sol		         Harpooner		Whitby
? ICK		Geor		         Harpooner		Whitby
BARKER		Wilm		         Bt. Steer		Whitby
ELLIS		John		         Bt. Steer		Whitby
ROBINSON	Simon		         Bt. Steer		Whitby
LAVERICK	Will		         Bt. Steer		Whitby
ROBINSON	John		         Bt. Steer		Whitby
LECK		Simon		         Bt. Steer		Whitby
FENWICK	        Thos		         L/Manager		Whitby
TINSLEY		Roger		         L/Manager		Whitby
MOFFAT	 	James		         L/Manager		Whitby
JACKSON 	Richd		         L/Manager		Whitby
EVERIDGE	Isaac		         L/Manager		Whitby
WALTON	  	James		         L/Manager		Whitby
ESTILL		Willm		         Seaman		        Whitby
DITCHBURN	Peter		         Seaman		        Whitby
GRANGER	        James		         Seaman		        Whitby
SHARPE	 	Geo		         Seaman		        Whitby
CRAWFORD	Mathw		         Seaman		        Whitby
HARRISON	Robt		         Seaman		        Whitby
HAWBURN 	John		         Seaman		        Whitby
LYTH		Henry		         Seaman		        Whitby
FOWLER	  	Thos		         Seaman		        Whitby
FOWLER	 	Francis		         Seaman		        Whitby
BEANS	 	Edw		         Seaman		        Whitby
ALLISON	 	John		         Seaman		        Whitby
SHEINNINGS?	Geor		         Seaman		        Whitby
HALL		Mart		         Seaman		        Whitby
PAGE		Thos		         Seaman		        Whitby
BURNSIDES	Robt		         Seaman		        Whitby
WALKER		Sam		         Apprentice		Whitby
NAYLOR		Josp		         Apprentice		Whitby
RUFREL?		Thos		         Apprentice		Whitby
LENG		Matt		         Apprentice		Whitby
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