Transcribed by Andrew Sefton, Pocklington and published here with his agreement

Published 1 April 1854


March 4, at Pickering, the lady of John DEW, Esq., surgeon, of a son


March 7, at Westow, Thomas Henry PHILLIPS, esq., to Caroline, daughter of

the late James Wyatt, Esq.

March 14, at St. Mary's church Old Malton, Mr. F. LINDSLEY, to Mrs. Loft.

March 18, Mr. Richard DIXON, to Miss Mary Ann WALKER, both of Norton.

March 18, at Norton, Mr. James SETCHFIELD, to Miss AUDNER both of Norton.


On Friday, March 3, at Westow, Elizabeth, relict of Mr. John RICHARDSON, farmer aged 71.

On Tuesday, March 7, at Pickering, the wife of Mr. John WHITELOCK, after giving birth to twins.

On Thursday, March 9, at Snainton, Thomas Craven HODGESON, son of Mr. John HODGESON farmer.

On Friday, March 10, at New Malton, John KING, son of Mr. Robert KING, Miller.

Published 6 May 1854




Saturday, April 13, at Thornton, Mr Thomas SUNMAN, Habton to Jane, daughter of Mr. James WOOD, farmer, Habton.

Tuesday, April 18, at Norton, Mr. Thomas JUDSON, Scagglethorpe, to Martha, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas WALLGATE, Lockington, near Beverley.

Wednesday, April 19, at Topcliffe, Count Learcaye SUMINSKI, of Tuts Castle, West Prussia, to Ann Elizabeth, only daughter of George HUDSON., esq. Of Newby Parke.

Thursday, April 20, at Coxwold, Mr. George SMITH of Newburgh Park to Ann, eldest daughter of the late Mr. William BARWICK, of Coxwold.

Saturday, April 22, at Wetwang, Mr. James HEPPLE, to Miss Sarah DOWSON.

Saturday, April 29, at the Superindenent Registrars Office, Malton, Mr. Thomas MOOR to Miss Mary WATERS, both of Rillington.

Monday, May 1, at the Superindenent Registrars Office, New Malton, Mr. Robert WARD, to Miss Hannah BOYES both of Norton.


On Friday, March 31, at New Malton, Mr. Christopher POSTILL, wheelright, aged 66 years.

On Saturday, April 1, at New Malton, Mrs. Elizabeth WARWICK, aged 68.

On Monday, April 3, at Grove House, near Malton, Mr. Robert HESSLETINE, of Hambleton House, Aged 41.

On Wednesday, April 5, at Birmingham, Mrs. SHAMMON, eldest daughter of Mr. Antonty CATTANEO of Malton.

Same day, at Malton, Hannah Eliza, youngest daughter of Mr. James STABLER, aged 2 years.

On Thursday, April 6, at Old Malton, Mr. Benjamin BAKER, of the Wentworth Arms Inn, aged 32.

On Friday, April 7, at Malton, Jane daughter of Mr. James STABLER, blacksmith aged 3 years.

On Saturday, April 8, at Acklam, Ann the wife of Mr. Emmanuel GILLIARD

On Monday, April 10 , at Brompton, aged 21, Hannah the wife of Mr. Harrison WINN, weaver.

Same day, at Mr. John ALLISON's, Sutton Forest, William WRIGGLESWORTH, formerly of Bugthorpe grange, farmer, in the 90th year of his life.

On Tuesday, April 11, at Sherburn, James WILLIAMSON eldest son of James WHITAKER, ESQ., of Bramham house near Tadcaster aged 13.

On Wednesday, April 12, at Bulmer, Mrs. James GOODRAM widow of the late James GOODRAM, valet to the Earl of Carlisle.

On Thursday, April 13, at Malton, Thomas WHITEHEAD, aged 18 years.

On Friday, April 14, at ? , near Castle Howard, Leonard only son of Henry H??, farmer, aged 3 years.

Same day at Malton of Typhus Fever, Richard Hayes aged 27 years.

On Wednesday, April 19, at Habton, Hannah wife of Mr. James WOOD, farmer, aged 38.

On Thursday, April 30 at Malton, Matthew CROSER, aged 16.

Published June 1854



On Thursday, June 8, at Hutton's Ambo, William Knapton, only son of Mr. T.DARLEY

On Saturday, June 10, at Malton, Mr. George BELLERBY, roper, aged 82.

On Sunday, June 11, at the Workhouse, Malton, Mrs. Sarah BRIGNALL, aged 76.

On Tuesday, June 13, at Pocklington, Mr. WM. TINDALE, aged 59.

Same day, at the Workhouse, Malton, Christopher COCKERILL, aged 65.

On Thursday, June 15, at Malton, of scarlet fever, Ellen, daughter of Mr. Davis BROWN, Coal Dealer, aged 4 years.

Same day, at Norton, Mr. John Adamson, brickmaker, aged 84 years.

On Friday, June 16, at Malton, of scarlet fever, William Henry, son of Mr. Charles DIXON, tailor, aged 7 years.

On Sunday, June 18, at Malton, of scarlet fever, Alonzo, son of Mr. Edward LONGBOTHAM, druggist, aged 2 years.

On Monday, June 19, at Malton, of scarlet fever, Sarah, daughter of Mr. Robt. HARRISON, basketmaker, aged 11 years.

Same day, at Malton, William O'NEIL, better known by the cognomen of "Gaff Yuck", aged 40 years.

On Saturday last, at Malton, of scarlet fever, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Christopher O'BRIEN, aged 4 years.

On Monday last, at the Workhouse, Malton Mrs Elizabeth GROVES, aged 78.


Published 5 August 1854



July 10, at Norton, Samuel, son of Mr. Samuel BIELBY, farmer, aged 10 months.

Wednesday, July 12, At Appleton-le-Street, Maria FOX, aged 1 year.

Saturday, July 15, at Sutton Cottae, Norton, Anne Augusta, daughter of the Rev. W. POUND, aged 12 years.

Sunday, July 16, at Old Malton, Mrs. Elizabeth COOPER, aged 70 years.

Monday, July 17, at Langton, Mrs. Mary FLINTOFF, aged 70 years.

Tuesday, July 18 at Mennithorpe, Mr. matthew SOLLITT, farmer, aged 21 years.

Wednesday, July 19, at Hovingham, aged 55, Mr. Wm. SKELTON, for nearly for nearly 22 years carrier between York and Hovingham.

Thursday, July 20, at Castle Howard, Mrs, Hefry KIMBERLEY, aged 33 years.

Monday, July 24 at Welham, near Malton, Hannah, daughter of Mr. John HOPPER, farmer, aged 23 years.

Same day, at Norton, Hannah, the wife of Mr. Richard GRAY, aged 30 years.


Published 29 August 1854


On Saturday, July 20, at her father's house, Castlegate, York, Mrs. T. BOLLAND, of Hutton Lodge, of a daughter.

On Wednesday, August 16, at Sinnington Lodge, the lady of H.J. LESLET, Esq., of a son.

On Monday, August 21, at Snainton, the wife of Robert MEGGINSON, Esq., of a daughter.


On Tuesday, August 8, at St. Michael's Church, Malton, Hirst WALKER, R.N., of Wakefield, to Emily, second daughter ofn Edward ROSE, Esq., of Malton.

On Sunday, August 20, at Norton, James ALLEN, shoemaker, to Harriet THORPE, both of Norton.


On Saturday, July 20, at Low Hall, Brompton, Francis DARBY, infant son of the Rev. John Blair.

On Sunday, August 6, at Kirby-Morrside, Henry, the eldest son of Mr. JACKSON, schoolmaster, aged 32.

On Monday, August 7, at North Grimston, Mr. R. KNEESHAW, aged 70.

Same day, at Malton, after a long illness, Mr. Thomas NELSON, horse dealer, aged 53.

Same day, at Brompton, Mr. Thomas WEBSTER, aged 84.

Same day, at Great Habton, Isabella, wife of Mr. Thos. Simpson, labourer, aged 70.

On Tuesday, August 8, at Brompton, Mr. M. SMITH, weaver, aged 73.

Same day, at Malton, Mrs. Mary LISTER, aged 52.

Same day, at High Hutton, Ezard, son of James PUCKERING, labourer, aged 3 years.

Same day, at Malton, Ann, the wife of Mr. Foster STEELS, showmaker, aged 78.

On Thursday, August 10, Mr. William CRAVEN, farmer, Acklam, aged 78.

On Saturday, August 12, at Pasture Cottage, Malton, John eldest son of Mr. John RACE, aged 20 years.

On Friday August 18, at Norton Villa, William HARDING, aged 29.

Same day, at Norton, George son of Thomas WILSON, aged 16 months.

On Saturday, August 19, at Ryton, Mr. Wm. WHITFIELD, farmer, aged 78.

On Monday, August 21, at Marton-cum-Grafton, the Rev. John HARTLEY, Incumbent of Boroughbridge, aged 76.

On Tuesday, August 22, at Norton, Mrs. Ann RIGG, aged 68 years.

Same day, at Norton, Richard C????, aged 24.

On Wednesday, Aug 23, at Norton, Mary COARTS, aged 15.

On Saturday, August 26, at Norton, of cholera, Rachael HISPS, aged 67.

Same day, at Malton, William Dent TAYLOR, son of Mr. Walter TAYLOR, aged 2 and a half years.

Published 7 October 1854



On Friday, Sept. 1, at Newcastle, the wife of Mr. John ETTY, late of Malton, of a daughter.

On Friday, Sept 15, at Arncliffe Hall, North riding, the wife of Douglas BROWN, Esq., barrister-at-law, of a son.


On Saturday, Sept 2, at Old Malton, Mr. John REED, shoemaker, to Miss Hannah BENSON, both of old Malton.

On Tuesday, Sept 5, at Sledmere, the Rev. Geo. CHUDDUS, M.A., to Jane, youngest daughter of John SWALE, Esq., of Crrom, and niece to Liut-General SANDWITH.

Same day, at Paddington, London, Zebulon MENNELL Esq., surgeon, of Malton, to Mary Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Thomas DRUMMOND, Esq. Of Drummond Lodge.

On Saturday, Sept 9, at the Superindtendent Registrer's Office, Malton, Mr. John COLLINSON, tanner, to Mis Elizabeth PECKETT, both of Malton.

On Tuesday, Sep 12, at Gilling, Mr. Robert DALE, of York, solicitor, to Annie, eldest daughter of the late Mr. John CATTLEY, of Terrington.

On Wednesday, Sept 13, at Newcastle, Mr. G. BRADLEY, (one of the proprietors of the Newcastle Guardian) to Sarah, daughter of the late Joseph MILBOURNE,

Esq. of Malton.

On Thursday, Sept. 14, at Settrington, Mr. L. F. M'ALLISTER, of Huddersfield, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Richard WARDELL, of Settrington.

On Monday, Spet 18, at Malton, Mr. CRAVEN, farmer, of Acklam, to Miss Ruth FEASBY, of the same place.

On Wednesday, Sept 20, at Appleton-le-Street, Mr. Thos, BANKES, farmer, South Holme, to Anne, third daughter of Mr. Wm. AUDCAR, farmer, of the former place.


On Monday, August 28, at Old Malton, FANNY, daughter of Mr. William DOBSON, aged 11 years.

On Tuesday, August 29, at Malton, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Feathersone JACKSON, aged 11 months.

On Thursday, August 31, at Slingsby, in the 55th year of his age, Mr. William SMITH, joiner, &c., much and deservedly respected by a large circle of friends and acquaintance.

On Monday, Sept 4, at Malton, Mr. Edward ELLA, spirit merchant, aged 54 years.

On Monday, Sept 11, at Malton, of measles, aged 17 months, Maria, daughter of Mr. G. STAMPER, butcher.

On Wednesday, Sept 13, at his residence, Shirley Park, Surrey, John SCOTT, Earl of Eldon.

On Sunday, Sept 17, at the Union House, Malton, Mr. William SPANTON, aged 71.

On Wednesday, September 20, at Malton, Mr. Benjamin DUNNING, Cartwright, aged 56.

On Monday, September 21, at Old Malton, Sarah, wife of Mr. John CRAVEN, aged 56 years.

On Friday, September 23, at Malton, Rosa, fifth daughter of Mr. William ANDERSON, Gunsmith, aged 15 months.

Same day, at Malton, Elizabeth Anne, second daughter of Mr. Robert HATFIELD, Grocer, Finkle-Street, aged 2 years.

On Sunday, September 24, at York, Mr. John NORTH, Printer, aged 48.

Lately, at Malton aged 57, Grace, wife of Mr. Francis BURKILL, Cordwainer.

On Thursday, Sept. 28, Mr. Mark FEETENBY, of Nunington, aged 68.

On Thursday, September 28, at Norton, Miss LEEFE, aged 54 years.


Published 4 November 1854


On Thursday, October 19, at Aldby Park, Mrs. DARLEY, of a son.

On Friday, October 27. at Malton, the lady of J.J.WRIGHT, Esq., M.D., of a daughter.

Same day, at Burythorpe, the lady of William PRESTON, Esq., of a daughter.


On Saturday, October 7, at Foxholes, Mr. H. HODGSON, millwright, to Amelia, youngest daughter of Mr. EZARD, Norton.

Same day, at Kirby Moorside, Mr. Francis RICKABY, stonemason, to MARY, daughter of Mr. Thos. BOYES, of Appleton-le-Moor.


On Sunday, Sept. 24, at New Orleans, Thos. LEEFE, Esq., son of the late Adjutant John LEEFE, of Canal House, near Malton, aged 51 years.

On Wednesday, October 4, Mary, wife of Mr. John WELDON, jun., farmer, of Farndale, Kirby Moorside, aged 28.

On Tuesday, October 10, at Coxwold, Mr. William ROBERTS, shoemaker, aged 56


On Wednesday, October 11, at Wakefield, very suddenly, Lieut. H. WALKER, R.N. much respected.

On Thursday, October 12, at Malton, Ann, daughter of Mr. Henry BROWN, stonemason, aged 5 years.

Same day, at Malton, Frances Louisa, daughter, of Mr. Joseph LUCAS, ironfounder, aged 2 years.

On Sunday, October 15, at Malton, John, son of Mr. Metcalf ASH, whitesmith, aged 4 years.

On Saturday, October 22, at Beverley, John DORSEY, private in the 7th (Queen's own) Hussars; one of the detachment sent from Leeds to escort Her Majesty in her recent progress in Hull.

On Sunday, October 22, at Mennythorpe, Mrs. Ann BROUGH, widow, aged 62 years.

Same day, at Malton, Ann, daughter of Mr. Alfred BROWN, joiner, aged 4 weeks.

On Monday, October 23, at Malton, Sarah, daughter of Mr. Andrew THOMPSON, aged 4 years.

On Thursday, October 26, at Langton, Hannah, eldest surviving daughter of Mr. John BURNETT, farmer, aged 17 years.