WHITBY SHIPPING 1790 to 1799

1790 - 1799

(Personal names after Ship Names are the names of the ships' captains) This information was obtained from The Times (newspaper). Heading dates are the dates

of publication. I have tried to transcribe the information as published with regard to

Whitby ships etc.I do not have additional details on these ships or their masters etc

unless, either it is on my other Whitby pages, or the person concerned is one that I

have a specific interest in. However, please feel free to e-mail me at

bob.sanders59@ntlworld.com You may also find the Yahoo ! Whitby Group helpful regarding

some of those named and the ships concerned.

Numbers after ship names are the number of whales caught; clean means no
whales -

2 July 1790 -
"The following account of the success of the ships in Davis's Straits is
brought by Capt Sanderson of the Jason, arrived at Shields with five
Newcastle ships; Rodric 5, Spencer 4, John and Margaret 4, Kitty 2, Disko
Bay 2, Kingston clean; Whitby ships: Earl Fauconberg 2, Two Sisters 1,
Nautilus clean, Lively clean, Harpooner clean, Friendship lost; London
ships: Peggy 2, Leviathan 1, Supply 1. Capt Sanderson heard that the
Hercules of Aberdeen had got five fish, but did not hear that any other
Scotch ships had been successful;"

9 July 1790

"The following is an account of the success of Whitby ships at Davis's
Straits viz the Earl Fauconberg, Ward; Two Sisters, Agar; Harpooner,
Marwood, were left there with two fish each; the Nautilus, Rowland; and
Lively, Wood, clean; The Friendship, Peacock, lost but all hands saved"

9 August 1790

"The Marlborough, Turnbull, from Greenland, is arrived at Whitby with 1 fish
and 1600 seals. The Hope, Webster, also of that port with two small fish and
1000 seals, was struck with a pice of icen and sunk, but providentially, all
hands were saved"

12 August 1790

"The Lively, Wood, and Whitby, Smith, with 5 fish each, and the Henrietta,
Bean, with 1 fish and 1600 seals, from Greenland; the Prospect, Banks, with
5 fish, the Earl Fauconberg, Ward, with 3 fish, and the Nautilus, Rowland,
clean, from Davis's Straights, are all arrived at Whitby"

31 August 1790

"Yesterday se'nnight the Fawn, smuggling lugger, with a thousand ankers and
half ankers of rum, brandy, and geneva, to the amount of 6000 gallons, was
taken and sent into Whitby, by the Eagle cutter, Capt. George Whitegead, in
the service of the revenue at that port; with the assistance of the Mermaid,
Capt Carr. The Fawn is a fine clinch built vessel of 90 tons built at
Flushing four months since, mounting six four pounders and six swivels. Her
crew consisted of twenty-two men"

14 September 1790

"The Two Sisters, Captain Agar, arrived at Whitby on Sunday morning from
Davis's traits with seven whales, 300 large seals, and 6 bears, producing
260 butts of blubber"

5 January 1791

"Memel Dec 14, 1790 - The Rachel, from Leith; Sophia from London; and Three Brothers 

from Whitby, are all drove on shore and totally lost" 24 February 1791 "The Nautilus, Rowland; Marlborough, Thornbull; Earl Fauconberg, Agar; Prospect, Banks;

and Harpooner, Peacock, for Davis's Streights sailed from Whitby the 18th instant" 9 June 1791 "The Choice, of Whitby, Captain Anthony Buck, which was put on shore on the French

coast in January last, is got off, and arrived safe in the harbour of Audierne, on

the 21st ult." 9 August 1791 "The Prospect, Banks, from Davis's Straits, is arrived at Whitby with seven fish" 22 August 1791 "The Henrietta, Scoresby; and Harpooner, Peacock, from Greenland, are arrived at

Whitby clean" 5 October 1791 "Elsinore - The Ocean of Whitby, John Clark, from Liverpool to Memel, in ballast,

is gone to Copenhagen to heave down, having sprung a leak, for that they could

hardly keep her" 12 April 1792 "The Providence, Noulding, from Whitby to Memel, is returned very leaky with four

feet water in her hold" 29 August 1792 "On Tuesday se'nnight, about one o'clock in the morning, five fellows armed, got on

board the Tryal, of Whitby, Capt Bolton, lying a Baisley Hole, when seeing a man who

was on deck they shoved him violently down the fore-hatchway ander the forecastle;

and proceeded to plunder the ship" 10 August 1793 "The Vesta, Blackburn, from Whitby, is taken by Le Sans Pareil privateer, and

carried into Norway" 16 December 1793 "Portsmouth Dec 13th Thursday night arrived at Spithead the Henry, transport, of Whitby, Capt. Stephen

Burn, from Guernsey, with three companies of the 27th regiment on board......" 19 April 1794 "The Olive Branch, Wood, from Whitby to _____ sprung a leak and foundered at sea" 16 July 1794 "The Eagle revenue cutter, Capt. Whitehead, arrived at Whitby from a cruise, with

146 casks of Geneva, taken up at sea between Robin Hoods Bay and Scarborough,

supposed to have been thrown overboard from a vessel Capt Whitehead chased the

preceding night" 25 February 1795 "The Nautilus, from Whitby to Davis's Straights, is burnt at Whitby" 27 March 1795

"An Agent from the Government arrived last week at Whitby and engaged several ships for His Majesty's service" 21 September 1795

"Letters from Cerk state the arrival there of the Ariel, Captain Carr, of Whitby, from l'Orient" 26 December 1795

"Plymouth - Arrived the Patty, of Whitby, Captain Burdon, one of the outward-bound West India fleet. She was obliged to put backm in consequence of the damages sustained in the late gales of wind. She put into Scilly on her return" 8 October 1796 "Plymouth Oct 5th This morning arrived the Aid, transport, of Whitby, George Lamb, master,

from St.Lucia; and the Valiant transport, of Whitby, James Willis, master,

from St.Kitts, both with invalid soldiers and French prisoners, They parted

from the Ganges, of 74 guns, Capt McDougall, off the Sound yesterday, with

about 70 sail of ships under convoy, bound up the Channel" 8 October 1796 "....the Sovereign of Whitby, Francis Ross, master, laden with tar and tallow;

the Alexander, of Lynn, George Booth, late master, laden with tar; the Young John,

of Whitby, George Stonehouse, late master, laden with deals, iron and linseed,

and the Good Intent, of Sunderland, George Hudson, late master, laden with wheat;

all from Archangel. The Young John is arrived at Bergen, and the others are daily

expected" 18 November 1796 "Three of the homeward bound Jamaica fleet, one of them a Whitby transport, are taken

by a French privateer, and carried into Philadelphia" 2 September 1797 "The Hilda, Langburn, from Petersburg to Whitby, is on shore on Lausholm, near Whitby,

and it is thought will be lost" 6 September 1797 "The Hilda, Langburn, from Petersburg to Whitby, that was on shore near Whitby, is got

off, and put into Sleet for repair" 8 September 1797 "The Peggy, Bouge, of Whitby, from Archangel, beat off a privateer after a smart action

on the 18th ult. - The Peggy hove part of her cargo overboard, and sprung her mainsail

in two places, by carrying a press of sail" 30 September 1797 "Plymouth Sept 27 Yesterday arrived here the James transport of Whitby, Captain John Postgate, from Cap

Nicola Mole, in St. Domingo. She sailed from thence the 4th August last, in company

with 20 sail of merchantmen and 10 sail of transports under convoy of His Majesty's

ship Janus of 32 guns, Captain Bissett; and the Quebec of 32 guns, Capt Cooke, and

parted from the fleet the 15th September." 12 May 1798 "The James, Pearson, from Whitby to the Baltic, is taken by Le Leguerre privateer,

and carried into Eastrice" 24 April 1799 "The Ann, (of Whitby), Lathmore, coal loaded, foundered off Whitby. Crew saved" 14 October 1799 "Deal Oct 11th The Elizabeth, of Whitby, Thomas Smith, master, and two other vessels, names yet

unknown, are this instant brought into the Downs, having been captured by some

French privateers, and retaken by the Lion, armed cutter, Captain Yawkins. Captain

Smith of the Elizabeth, died of his wounds in a few minutes of having been brought

on shore. His wife, who was also on board at the time of the capture, is arrived

safely at Deal"

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