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This site is intended to provide a place on the Web where people can post transcripts and scans of letters from the period prior to 1952 either from or to the UK from any other country in the World, or internally within the UK.
Primarily it is hoped that the site will be of use to people trying to trace their families or “lost” relatives throughout the World, but many letters also contain comment on the economic or political conditions at the time, and may also be of use to others with an interest in history. Please do not publish these letters in full in any way without the permission of the owner of the original. It is acceptable, however, to quote from the letters, giving this site as the source.
When reading these letters they may express views which are not generally accepted or acceptable today. Please remember that I didn’t write them and they do not necessarily represent my views, so please do not write to me about such views !!

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